Taco Dave moves up the street

Taco Dave got a new job. This apparently helped his self esteem so much he was able to move five doors down from the CSB's new house, into the house of the mother of his 19 year old girlfriend and his alleged future offspring.

He sent the CSB an email saying he moved because she is a crazy bitch. She responded by staggering up to customers and employees and telling them what Taco Dave said, and that she's not crazy, then sending Taco Dave emails saying she gave him her heart and he broke it, and then passing out in the back office.

While he was in confessional mode, Taco Dave told the CSB he also engages in carnal relations with a woman he met on Craigslist who likes to get on all fours in the kitchen, have him cover her back with ketchup and mustard, and engage in rough unprotected anal sex.

She sounds like a real catch.

Ketchup & Mustard doesn't like faggy little dogs, so Taco Dave occasionally asks the CSB to watch his faggy little dog.

Once or twice a week we have to deal with three yapping little dogs running through the dealership, terrorizing and nipping at small children.


Anonymous said...

Reading your story is just like traveling back in time because way back in Junior High when I was heavily into reading science fictio I read a story about hell.
Beam me up Scotty, bye.

Anonymous said...

love your blog...keep up the good work, it makes me thankful that i have a great job and a great boss, and the pay isnt half bad either....hope you make it out of that hell hole one day!

Thanks for the entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh my ass off!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work I know this is true as I have been to freaking places like that in Chitown. I would name it but again i do not want to cause any problems.

Bottom line funnier that shit!

Anonymous said...

I think i've been to this store! I remember being @ a bike shop and the "owner" walking around in an over medicated stupor whistling @ dogs and stepping over poop piles. When speaking with her i had an overwhelming feeling that i was speaking to Bernadette Peters on Lithium.