Screw Mom and Dad, I got $50

Monikwa has a new bike.

She is a big nasty bulldyke who once came thundering into the Lazy K to beat the hell out of Tits Ahoy for calling her "Sir," when she called to complain to the CSB about the Service department tearing the seat of her Vulcan and scratching the tank when she left it here for an oil change.

The Rhino dated Monikwa for a while, and that scared the Rhino.

Then Monikwa decided she wanted to go out to with the CSB. I'm not sure if it was the prison tats, the jericurl mullet, or the big black strap-on dildo Monikwa brought with her in the box she returned the wrong sissy bar we ordered for her and showed and told the CSB she wanted to fuck her with in bareback biker chaps, but the CSB took to hiding from Monikwa when she came in to complain every couple of days for three months last summer that her bike was still in our service department. The CSB even went back to service more than once and screamed at Famous Nobody to fix her fucking bike and get it the hell out of here.

It was a surprise to learn that Monikwa had traded her Vulcan in for a Road Star at the other Lazy K, because she thinks the FSB is strange.

The FSB decided that to get the $50 spiff Yamaha offers, she would give Monikwa $800 more than a rich lunatic would pay for the Vulcan if all the pitted chrome bolt on crap was gold and it didn't have a dented tank and holes in the seat where her vaginal emissions had eaten through the vinyl, and sell the Yamaha for $250 under cost, to cover the new and improved doc fee. The FSB even went so far as to show Monikwa in the NADA book that she was giving her $800 over book value. When all's said and done, the Lazy K lost more than a thousand dollars on the deal. But the FSB got $50.

The Last Sumo

The Buddha has left the building. Reduced to playing on the internet after watching Juan Capistrano, the new F and I guy from Delaware, walk in, talk to the CSB for five minutes and take his job, the Buddha decided it was time to leave when the CSB raised his healthcare premiums fom $80 a month to $800 and then told him he would have to take a pay cut that would make him earn about $65 less than his healthcare premiums every month after taxes, because playing on the internet doesn't pay very well at the Lazy K. Nothing pays very well now that we are down more than 42% over last year and having serious problems with all our creditors and the District Attorney.

So the Buddha went to a job interview near his house, and thinks he has a job. What he doesn't know is that Juan Capistrano realizes the Lazy K is a crazy place, he's not going to make any money here, and has been interviewing all over town. It won't be long before Star or the Meal Ticket is calling the competent woman again and asking her how to fill out loan and title paperwork, then arranging for everyone to come back in and redo their loan papers when they get someone in the Buddha's chair who knows what the hell they are doing.

Does the Buddha know he is eligible for unemployment? All he has to do is mention the insane drug induced behaviour of the CSB and her frequent requests that he commit fraud when filling out sales contracts.

It worked for the Rhino.