The Rhino comes out to the Hugger

The Hugger is back. He's a formerly creepy old guy who has become a demented old guy. He is also a GSRBer. He comes in at least four times a week to hug all the women who work here. At first the Hugger's excuse for making frequent appearances at the dealership was that since God told him to trike his bike, adorn it with religious symbols and make it so fucking loud you can hear it four blocks away, it went from 55 mpg to 22, and he was only supposed to lose 12 mpg to the trike kit. It's a Honda Shadow, and he made the conversion about three years ago, but the Hugger clearly remembers getting 55 mpg. So he's had the service department re-jet the carb and change the pipes back to stock. He was running straight pipes, and that's probably why he needs hearing aids in both ears. While he's in the store, he likes to spread the love.

His wife is happy to have him out of the house. His neighbors are happy he put the stock pipes back on.

For some strange reason, the Hugger picked today to test the waters with the Rhino.

"What does your husband do?" the Hugger asked.

"I don't have a husband," snorted the Rhino.

"A pretty girl like you has to have someone. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Actually Hugger, I have a girlfriend."

The Hugger's face changed color several times. He sat there looking flummoxed for several seconds, and then the Hugger said, "Well, I'll still hug you."

With that, the Hugger left. Evidently he meant sometime in the future, he was all hugged out today.

In unrelated news, a guy came back with his V-Strom and complained that our setup department had put the front wheel on backwards. The CSB assured him that the bikes come from the factory with the front wheel on, and that the manufacturer made the mistake, then went out and swore at the set up guys.


Bill said...

Wow, my job is boring.... Wait.. why do i envy that you work with freaks? Damn you!!! Thanks for the blog!

harryballs333 said...

Sounds better then strokers dallas on Speed channel. I can only hope that one day I walk in to your stealership and slip on some dogshit as I will make the CSB pop a vein as I sue the everlivin crap outta her!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Great stuff, keep it commin!! I hope your not doing this while your working are you??? LOL!!!