David Roney Sets the Record Straight

His personal IT Dept once again showed Dave-A-Roni how to log onto the internet. He feels compelled to send us the following, striking fear into our hearts that his mighty IT Dept will hunt us down and send us links to Canadian pharmacies.

"Hello again"Lester" . While you and the rest of the people who respond to your blog now know who I am, who my friend are you? Could you possibly have the nuts to reveal your real name? Probably not.
As far as the questions posed from the fellow readers.....

#1.No, I am not Mondo
#2 Fife, whoever he may be need not worry. I have not had contact with (csb) for some time now.Since 01 to be exact.

My reason for writing in the first place is to respond to the slanderous accusations that have been directed towards the (csb) and her family.
While I really do not expect any of you to read this with an open mind, I felt that another voice should be heard.This will be my last correspondence to you "Lester" and all the rest.Judge not.......

P.S. Do not post with my name, My IT Dept will find you."

A New Home for the Terminally Bewildered

Ol' Crusty came in and took Star over to see the building the Lazy K wants to move to. Star was excited because Ol' Crusty let him sit in the front. It used to be a Sears store, and we should be able to put in a service department. Of course we will still have the same high quality personnel, so your bike will just get fucked up in a nicer environment. And the bikes will still spend all winter outside before they are trucked and scratched on their way to the new space.

But the dogs will have more places to shit and piss on the floor, and Taco Dave will be able to discreetly enter from the back. Lately Freddie Fife has been stalking the CSB, trying to catch her with Taco Dave, Tarot, or one of the guys from Craigslist who sends her dick pics. He's counting the sponges, and they are disappearing a little faster than Freddie thinks they should.

While Ol' Crusty had Star at the new store, the CSB asked Mondo and Paco if either of them would like to be the Sales Manager at the new place.

A Note From David Roney, dkr68@yahoo.com

We found this letter thumbtacked to Mom's basement and felt it warranted it's own post. Congratulations, David Roney, you made the (cut). We are sensing the love, and would love to call and write you or show up at your work for a circle jerk. Are you related to Rice-a, of the San Francisco Roneys?

"fucking scumbag!

Have you ever at one point thought that because of (csb) and the rest of the (lazy k) family you have a job to go to every day? Of course you don't because you are a selfish piece of shit and a true coward I might add! You sit there typing on your computer in your mom's basement alone wondering what it would be like to actually have a successful life. While I would admit that even a little pin-dick like you can come up with some pretty amusing sentence structure, you will always just be a lonely little blogging puss who really does not ever have a chance in this lifetime or any other to make something of yourself.As far as the (csb) and her family are concerned,you will never be able to understand all of the sacrifices and all of the pains that this family has went through to make the (lazy K) a profitable and successful place for people like you to work.But, then again, this would be way too much for a selfish sad little prick like you to understand. Good luck in your future accomplishments as a welfare recepient, you will soon be exposed and unemployed. By the way. I challenge you to put this in your blog. Fucking loser.Hey Csb............TMD"

All You Gotta Do Is Wait

We sold a bike to a Whiner from Whinerville. Whinerville is about 20 miles north of the Lazy K, and the Whiner who bought the bike from us had done his research online, called all the local dealers, and came to us because we were the second cheapest and it would cost an additional $16.42 in gas to go to the place where the bike was $10 cheaper. He bought an extended warranty, and did more research online before deciding to take the bike anywhere else but the Lazy K when it needed repair.

The CSB found a new way to make even more money selling extended warranties. She sells them, then keeps the money. So when the Whiner went to get his bike fixed, there was no record at Kawasaki that he had bought the extended warranty.

Competent Motorsports refused to fix the Whiner's bike for free, so he returned to the Lazy K to resolve the issue.

The Whiner drove all the way down to the Lazy K on the day when Star was off and the CSB decided not to show up. He wanted to resolve things, because he wasn't going to drive all the way down again. He kept repeating that. "I'm not going to drive all the way back down here again,"

He wanted action now. The Whiner went up to each of the employees and asked to have the situation resolved. Everyone said the same thing. Nobody here can take care of this.

"I need closure on this, I don't want to drive all the way down again."

Finally, Mondo had enough of the Whiner shadowing him, so he pointed to a chair and said, "You can take a seat if you want, and someone will be with you tomorrow."

The Whiner sat down, then thought about it and left.