The CSB's Ex Has Questions

One of the CSB's ex-husbands, Dave-A-Roni, has decided to come to her defense. Dave-A-Roni put down the crack pipe long enough to send us another email.

"lester" I push the issue, who are you?? Are you still afraid to give your identity? Even if you expose yourself you are intelligent enough to talk your way into keeping your job.right??? What gives tough guy???

Apparently David Roney's crack IT Dept is not very good at finding people.

Stirring the Maggots Nest

Big Jim Slade, former linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, worked at the Lazy K for a few years. He did well, and was one of their top salespeople. For this, the other inmates did all they could to make his life miserable. He made enough money so he could leave and spend winters in the South Pacific while Paco got his tongue stuck to a pole out in front of the Lazy K during an ice storm.

Finally Big Jim Slade had enough, so he put his resume on the internet and got a job offer from the competent dealership down the road. They treated Big Jim well, he made the owners a lot of money, and then another dealer called Big Jim and offered him a job managing a large dealership across the country. His compensation package was going to be about triple what the CSB makes every year, and about twice what Baby Hitler manages to steal from the Lazy K by charging parts to sold bikes.

The CSB had been calling Big Jim Slade on a regular basis since he left, asking if he wanted to come back and whether his doctor was still giving him painkillers. Star said that if Big Jim Slade ever came back, he'd punch him in the nose. The CSB just happened to call Big Jim the day after he got his really big job offer. He told her about it, so the CSB said she would match it. She sounded pretty out of it and kept asking him to repeat the terms of the offer while she wrote it down. Big Jim Slade said he'd fax over a copy of his offer.

Then Big Jim Slade waited.

A couple days later, Paco called and told Big Jim Slade that the CSB had taken off. Freddie Fife was qualifying at the shooting range and calling the Lazy K frantically looking for her between rounds. The CSB knew Freddie couldn't get away to stalk her and catch her cheating, so she had snuck off with Taco Dave for some sweaty pill fueled pig sex.

Big Jim Slade faxed over his offer letter with a note to the CSB that it was what they had discussed and that if she could match it, he would come in and get rid of all the misfits, as they had agreed.

Star read the letter and told everyone who listened that if Big Jim Slade steps foot in the Lazy K, he's throwing his keys down and storming out. Later that night, Freddie Fife complained that the CSBeaver smelled and oozed like a runny French cheese. But he ate it anyway.