The CSB went to a seminar one of the local newspapers put on this morning at a local hotel. The seminar was about how to effectively advertise in this economy. The best idea the person who gave the seminar had was to advertise in the local newspaper. The CSB fell asleep and missed most of the seminar. On the way out of the conference room, the CSB stole a dozen donuts that were there for the guests. By the time she got here and stumbled out of her SUV, only seven remained.
"Who wants a donut?" she asked, and tried to place them on the counter.
The CSB was a bit unsteady and the box slipped from her grasp and the donuts fell out and onto the floor. Bandit grabbed a donut and ran off.
"Someone grab that fucking dog and take the donut away from her," screamed the CSB, "Damn dog tripped me."
She floundered around picking up donuts, putting them back in the box. There was icing on the floor where donuts landed face down. When the CSB had most of the donuts back in the box, she placed it on the counter and then told the Meal Ticket to go tell the service department guys that there are donuts, if anyone wants one.