This guy knows our customers

I found this on a website discussing our blog and a post about the customers. I have found a kindred spirit. I hope he writes more.

"Know it alls. Can discuss bike specs and reviews for hours. Only thing they don't know is which bike to buy. Know nothings buying parts who are uncertain of make, model, and part name, and year. Chiselers will spend 2-3 years before buying a low mileage leftover return, and expect helmet, jacket, and gloves included. The guys on beaters who want to talk about goldwings or race bikes. The guys who can use half a bikes performance but insist on pipes and power commanders. the wannabes. "

Good to know we are not alone.

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Anonymous said...

What's the site this was taken from? Sounds interesting.

So is Taco Dave completely out of the picture now? I was really thinking those two crazy kids could make it work.

And Shaggy. How's he going to make payments on his lowly Honda (not Hayabusa)?