Customers make the world go round

Actual dialog between two male customers:
Man 1: “Wow, this is a lot bigger!”
Man 2: “Really!?”
Man 1: “Yeah, here you get on it.”
Man 2: “Oooo yeah I like the way this feels!”

Of course, these two men have no idea that they sound like fags. I’m sure they are not gay, because they were comparing a new bike to one they are used to riding. Take away that fact and it just doesn’t sound right.

Customers are interesting people. You’ll find similarity between them, different groups if you will. Types of customers consist of: Pointers, Note Takers, GSRBs, Retired/Tire Kickers, Bankrupts, and last but most important the Buyers. If I forgot a type I’m sure it will come up later.

The Pointers – This is the person that just wants to know numbers. They want to point to a model and ask how much is that one, what does it weigh, how big is the gas tank. After hours of pointing to all 300 models they tire and go home.

The Note Takers – Very similar to the pointers but after they point and ask questions they jot it down in their handy notebook.

GSRBs – These are the religious riders. They used to do drugs and drink all the time til they hit rock bottom. Then they found God. To help stay away from bad habits they preach “God Says Ride a Bike”

Retired/Tire Kickers – Typically they are an older bunch, but they have nothing else to do besides go to all the dealerships in town and tell the staff stories about the good ol’days.

Bankrupts – “I filed bankruptcy 3 months ago, so I have a clean slate and I’d like to buy me a four wheeler.” Would you loan this type of customer money?

Buyers – Obviously these customers keep Lazy K in business.

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