Here Fishy Fishy!

It was a slow day. Tits Ahoy and the Rhino discussed, for at least an hour, what to pig out on for lunch. Finally they decided on the local fast food seafood joint. They split a large array of fishy things, crab cakes, fish tacos, shrimp, you know the whole nine yards.

After mopping away the tartar sauce from their lips, they sat in agony holding their bellies.

A few hours later, Mr Moose came to see her charming Rhino. They bestially kissed in the showroom, for anyone to see.

It could really make one sick!

That one, was............ Mr. Moose! She is allergic to the iodine in fish!! She started to get red and blotchy. Then, her lips instantly puffed out (thank God it was her northern set) and they ran her to the ER.

Don't worry they gave her some meds and is doing fine. No more fishy lunches for the Rhino!

Teaming Up

Paco asked the CBS to hire a good friend of his. They have been friends for 20 years.

Paco's reasoning? He needs some one to trust on the sales floor. He is sick of the other salespeople stealing his hard earned deals.

The CSB did indeed hire Paco's friend (who doesn't have a name yet).

Paco's plan? To run out a few salespeople that he doesn't care for.

Paco's hit list:

1. Ol' wigger
2. Mondo
3. Friar Tuck

And, the spring cleaning begins!

The CSB Is Wearing Beans

As a reminder to the readers, Beans has been a slave of the CSB for five years. Beans has been making a living selling on commission only, so she must know how to sell.

A customer came in to look at used youth quads for his 12 year old daughter. Beans showed him the only used 90cc 4-wheeler the Lazy K had in stock. It was a 2003 Yamaha Raptor 90. The quad was in good condition and they were asking $1299 for it. The customer offered $500 including tax and title. Beans politely told him “Sir that is a very low offer, but I will take it to my boss, because I don’t get to make the final decisions.”

Of course, the CSB said “Hell No!” to the offer. Any manager would have said no to that low of an offer, considering the book value on it is $1100.

Beans went back to the customer and explained to him that his offer was too low. She asked him to make a higher offer. He came back with “Fine, tell your boss I’ll give $700.”

Back to the CSB she went. And, again the CSB said no but it came out “What the fuck is his problem, didn’t you tell him its worth more than that?”

Beans said “Yes I told him that he can’t compare knock off brands to our brands and I explained why.”

Beans went back to the customer and tried again to get a higher offer. Then, out of no where Paco butted in to her conversation with the customer. Beans had a surprised look on her face. It is out of character for Paco to step on other salespeople’s feet.

While Paco was trying every way possible to close the customer, Beans slipped away again to talk to the CSB. “Did Paco talk to these people on the phone or something why is he butting in?” Beans asked the CSB. “You were supposed to listen to what he was telling him so you could wise up! But you’re NOT!”

After 20 minutes of Paco saying “Well what’s it going to take to do this today? What do we need to do to earn your business? Can we, can we, can we?” The customer was only willing to spend $700. Then he left empty handed.

Beans smirked. She went on to the next customers and sold two motorcycles in the last two hours of the day.

Paco came up to Beans at the end of the day and apologized to Beans for jumping in the middle of the sour sell. “I was only doing what I was told to do.” Paco said.