Flip Out

We sold a guy a motorcross bike we don't have. Not to worry, it's done all the time. The CSB found it at another dealership, and sent Famous Nobody to pick it up.

the CSB was out cold when Famous Nobody returned. He took the bike out of the crate and got it ready for delivery, and then decided to ride it a little, because it's the latest and greatest, and Famous Nobody is the best nobody in the history of drag racing things your father buys you until they break. 

Unfortunately for the Lazy K and the customer, Famous Nobody decided to ride a wheelie, and the bike came back over on top of him. 

Famous Nobody has a clever plan. When the CSB sobers up, he's going to tell her that the bike was scratched up when he took it out of the crate. 

We fix all makes and models

Ever wonder what happens to your bike when you leave it for service?

I have video of Famous Dumbass, the famous dragracer and nobody who works for $7 an hour as a mechanic, doing wheelies through the service bay on a customer's Yamaha Vino scooter.

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Mondo makes a "Deal" with CSB

Mondo's back is causing him pain again so he went to the doctor. The Doctor was nice enough to prescribe him with more than enough vicodin. Seeing as how Mondo has quite a few extra pills to spare, he thinks of the best possible way to use them.

A week ago Mondo took a German bike in on trade. Because he enjoys bending his customers over, the Lazy K has very few dollars in the bike. The dealership doesn't sell this brand normally, so it will be hard for them to get retail out of it.

He sees an opportunity to make money and offers the CSB $5000 on this $7000 bike. His plan is to sell it on ebay and turn a quick profit. He leads everyone to believe that he will be taking it on his yearly trip to South America. CSB turns down his offer.

Another week goes by and Mondo asks Beans if she know the status of the supply of meds that the CSB has. "Not sure but she's been fucking crabby so she probably due for some more, why?" asks Beans. "Well, I have a plan to buy that bike I took in. CSB knows I have extras and she will come to me begging for them!" says Mondo

Needing pills badly, CSB goes to Mondo and works out a deal. "$5000 and 100 of your vicodin, and the bike is yours!" Smiling from ear to ear, Mondo say "DEAL".