Her Shit Don't Stink

Today the CSB got a taste of her own.....

Paco called in sick and everyone else no call-no showed, except good ol' Beans. Of course when there is only one salesperson the Lazy K is loaded with customers. Beans was already bouncing between two customers and Star had the third one.

Well, that's when two more customers walk in and the CSB had to remove herself from the computer to help them. She put on her fake smile and showed the customers a few jet skis that sit in the back of the showroom. Or, as we like to call it the dog's restroom. She talked to them for a good 20 minutes pretending that it didn't smell like raw sewage. Then when she seen the potential buyer look down at the pile of crap she said.

"Oops! He he he, I guess my dog couldn't hold it. I'm sorry."

The female customer started to dry heave. And her husband glared at the CSB and said "What is this a dealership or a barnyard!!"

Then they were gone like a fart in the wind.