Pool Of Piss

I worked at the Lazy K about 9 years ago part-time in sales. I think I was there for 3 months or so because I made like $200.00 for 3 months of work. Anyway, the main point is that a lot of this crap is true. Not sure about the drugs but we had this one dumb fuck that worked at the Lazy K and ran (says he owned) the little carryout in the same parking lot a few feet away. He worked at the Lazy K and the carryout at the same time.. Seriously, he would just run back and forth. What a joke..

Oh yeah, the dogs pissed and shit everywhere! It can't be the same dogs though. I'm sure she has a new set of ugly fucking poodles now. The CSB had a sister that worked at the desk at the time and she wasn't bad back then. I think that has changed as well. We also had a salesman bring in a VHS tape of some chick banging horses that just about everyone (besides myself) proceeded to watch on the showroom floor.

Good for the Soul

My confession:

Last year I was on Craigslist, and under RNR, someone was ranting about the CSB. Her Myspace link was posted, along with her home phone number, address and the place she works (Not that doing drugs all day is work) I contacted her on Myspace and told her what was going on. (Of course this was long before I got to know her through here) She thanked me profusely, asked if I knew a good lawyer and offered me a job at the Lazy K. I didn't respond, and she spent the next 2 weeks flooding my inbox with job offers and death threats.

The last message she sent was a plea for drugs.

Tools Wielding Tools

I am resisting the urge to destroy The Lazy K.

I called them today about my Honda scooter. The scooter I bought from them over a year ago. The scooter I dropped off in May for routine maintenance. The last time I dropped off my scooter at the Lazy K, it took them over a month to change the oil. This was because they didn't have the oil filters in stock, and had to order them from Japan. Afterwards, they promised me that this would never happen again.

So I dropped the scooter off in May, thinking that it would be done in a couple of days.

Months later, they tell me that they are still waiting on parts.
In July, I asked the guy if I could just pick it up and bring it back once they have the parts, and he responded, "No, these are pretty important parts. You wouldn't want to do that."

Despite the fact that I drove there without any problems, and never have had problems with my scooter.

I called them today. It has been 6 months since I dropped of the scooter. They tell me it's still waiting on parts. I asked what parts.

"Tools. "


"Yes, tools,"

Tools for what?

"To take apart the clutch."

Why the hell do you need to take apart the clutch?

"Our technician says you burned up the clutch."

So all this time, I have been waiting for the dealership to get tools, which they should have had, so they can take something apart that worked fine when I dropped the scooter off.

If you live in Chaos, and you ride anything, never fucking buy from the Lazy K. Ever. Especially if you're planning on buying a Honda.

Lemon Lime

After two weeks of satisfied ownership, this guy brought his Kawasaki ZX-6 back with a blown engine. Because it was under warranty, we decided to let Famous Nobody try to learn how to fix motorcycles on Kawasaki's dime. After he got the bike to run again, we presented Kawasaki with a bill for $9800 for repairing a bike which retails for $8999. It takes Famous Nobody much longer to make things that don't run work than to break things that run.

Kawasaki rejected the claim, sending back a letter to the effect that a qualified mechanic could rebuild the motor much faster, and a trained monkey once did the job for $4500.

"That little fucking hobbit better get this fucking claim paid," said the CSB, referring to the manufacturer's rep from Kawasaki, who resembles an elf much more than a hobbit, "Or I'll pull all his goddamn bikes off the fucking showroom floor."

The CSB has told everyone that she hates the little fucking hobbit, and that he has had sex on several occasions with Trixie, the owner of Skank Powersports, our major competitor. The CSB hates the little fellow. Almost as much as she hates Trixie. One of the few happy days in the CSB's life was hearing that Trixie had hurt herself falling off a horse. The CSB called everyone and gloated when that happened.

So Kawasaki and their little fucking hobbit stood their ground, and the CSB told Famous Nobody that because we haven't been paid for the job yet, we can't pay him. Star was hoping Famous Nobody would quit over that, because Star wants Famous Nobody to go away, but he's afraid to fire him. Unfortunately, Famous Nobody is too smart to leave until he has another job, so Famous Nobody will be here forever.

They towed the ZX-6 in this morning. The motor blew up again.