You're Approved

Of the many applicants for the job recently vacated by the Buddha and the shifty guy, the only one who wasn't a figment of the CSB's imagination turned out to be Paco. So Paco got to be the Finance Manager.

Paco believes he knows all about being a Finance manager. He can submit applications and look at credit reports. Granted, watching him try to figure out what he's looking at is like watching a monkey trying to decipher a phone book. It's amusing if your livelyhood doesn't depend on the monkey calling someone.

So someone called the Lazy K from three counties away for one of the internet specials, and Mondo filled out a credit application. He took it to Paco, and that's when the fun began.

We aren't allowed to apply directly for credit anymore without a signed application, so all Paco could do was run a credit report and try to divine if what he read would allow the customer to qualify for a loan.

Paco decided it would.

Paco puffed out his little robin chest, "I can get this guy financed," he said confidently within earshot of the CSB.

So Mondo lured the potential victim into the store.

Three hours later, the victim and his entire family was at the Lazy K, and Paco had a signed application in front of him.

A half hour went by before Paco would admit to everyone that he had no chance in hell of getting the guy a loan, and then we had to listen to the guy rant about the three hours he took to get here, and that gas costs a lot.

"I can't help it if he has bad credit," said Paco, when the guy finally left.

"Tell that fucking idiot not to tell people they're approved until he gets a brain," the CSB said to Star.