Attention victims and other customers of the Lazy K

You may be part of a "pervasive company-wide pattern of fraud, deceit and deception" perpetrated by the CSB, the GOB, the Homeless Guy, his fat sneaky wife and all the wonderful characters you've grown to know and loath via this blog.

If you have bought anything from the Lazy K in the past 5 years, you are probably a victim of fraud. Right now there is a lawsuit against them, they are in court, and you may be entitled to a refund of all the bogus charges or the inflated prices they were sneaking on bills of sale this season after the customer signed and agreed to a different figure, instead of breaking out freight and prep like they did the years previous.

Check your bill of sale. If your bill of sale says you paid more than the MSRP or the discounted price you agreed to pay, you were defrauded. Some victims were taken for more than $1500 this way by Old Crusty and his co-conspirators.

No matter what Star told you when you bought the bike, the Lazy K did not have to add those charges into the price to get Suzuki to finance you.

Contact the District Attorney today to get your money back.

If you are not yourself a victim of the Lazy K, but know someone who is, please advise them to contact the District Attorney.

Get that money and take your bike to the new dealer in town to fix your bike right.

Will fraud convictions be grounds for the manufacturers to cancel their franchise agreements?

"Now stealing at all five Lazy K locations!"

You Meet the Dumbest People Fixing Hondas

A guy brought his Honda Shadow into the Lazy K because the differential was whining. Famous Nobody the Drag Racing Snitch Nobody Has Ever Heard Of gave it a road test and told the owner that they all whine like that.

The differential exploded three days later, sending shards of metal through the case and 90 weight oil all over the rear wheel and tire.

Famous Nobody thought he repaired it and sent the customer on his way.

Two weeks later, the differential blew up again.

Famous Nobody laughed when they brought the Honda back into be fixed again. The Owner complained to Honda. They sent the Regional Service Manager over to figure out why Famous Nobody can't fix things so they stay fixed.

After spending the afternoon with Famous Nobody trying to figure out how he could repeatedly fuck things up so bad, the Regional Service Manager came to the conclusion that Famous Nobody would win The Biggest Loser if the show was about Losers. He wrote in his report that Famous Nobody is not qualified to put bicycles together for Wal-Mart, watching Famous Nobody work is like watching a monkey try to open a suitcase and the repair facilities at the Lazy K are worse than those found in a grass hut on the side of the road in a Third World country.

I'll bet Famous Nobody hit his girlfriend again over this. The rest of his life is a total failure, but at least he can still beat her up.