Free Quads for All the Neighbors

As Famous Nobody and the rest of the misfits who break customer's bikes were putting away the bikes one night, one of them noticed the lock was missing from the rear gate to the Lazy K.

The Service Department made a thorough inventory in the dark and realized a customer's Polaris ATV was missing. Star and the CSB wanted to get out of here on time, so they decided to call the police the next morning and report the quad stolen.

That morning, the CSB was nowhere to be found. Star called the Mothership and asked the Greedy Old Bitch if he should call the police and report the theft. The GOB told Star to wait until the CSB showed up, and don't tell the fucking customer anything about his unit until we figure out what happened. The CSB showed up later that afternoon, took a nap in the back with Mr. Pill and the Poodle, then regained consciousness and told Star to call the fucking police. When the police got here, we took another inventory and realized there were four ATVs missing. It's hard to see in the dark when you want to go home early.

The CSB told the Service Manager that when customers ask if we've repaired their missing ATVs, he needs to ask if they have fucking insurance, because we are not responsible for god damn units left for repair. then she left for dog agility training.

How do we go so long without missing that stuff?

While Rome Burns

Yamaha sent out their quarterly report. There are 39 dealerships in the region. When Fearless Leader was the ringmaster, the Lazy K was always one of the top five dealerships in terms of sales in the region.

Now that Mr. Pill and Star are running the show, we've slipped.

How far?

We are 37th.

There are dealers who went out of business two months ago who are selling more Yamahas than we are.

Meanwhile, the CSB is telling everyone that business is better than ever. We're having our best year ever. The Poodle and Mr. Pill are making sound business decisions, and Fearless Leader is making sure all the new bikes we get are scratched and missing parts.

I can feel the love.