Baby Hitler, the repo man

This morning Baby Hitler repossessed the car he sold Shaggy. Shaggy didn't show up for work one day following reports that there were a lot of things missing in the parts department, like tires and racing clutches and a racing suit and lots of money. So Baby Hitler went out to his house and took the car back. He'd sold the car before to new employees, and has repossessed it four times that we know of. When Shaggy called to ask if Baby Hitler had repo'ed the car or it had been stolen, Baby Hitler told him that he better return the racing suit he apparently borrowed, or they are going to prosecute. Baby Hitler and Star, the assistant manager, both want him prosecuted, but the CSB remembers too many times when she exchanged pain relief medicine and body fluids with Shaggy, not to mention that she was the one who built his Myspace page, to want to see him behind bars.

Meanwhile, the new service tech who will be gone before we have to learn his name, who is actually fairly competent and has good customer relations skills, is on the CSB's shit list because she believes he told a customer what his trade is worth. The CSB accused him of stealing the Blue Book, and said that if he knows what something is worth, he should fucking sell it. Her tirade against the new tech went on for about a half hour, punctuated only by the barking of her dogs and her tirades against other employees and her mother.

The dogs bark at motorcycles and people wearing motorcycle helmets.

Star likes to make the dogs bark and chase him through the store. Both Beans and Mondo find it disruptive when they are trying to watch a movie on Beans' new laptop. They also find customers disruptive.

The CSB left three times today, and at the end of the day there was a sloshing sound when she walked. Oh, to find true love with three random strangers you meet on the internet. Imagine her life if her father wasn't successful and she lived near a naval port. Come to think about it, it would probably be about the same.

The CSB started screaming yesterday that Bandit is putting on too much weight and won't be an agility champion. Then she did something to piss off Mondo, so he went out and bought a package of the cheapest cookies he could find at Big Lots. Bandit loves cookies. She ate 16 assorted sandwich creams this afternoon.

Mondo has decided to embrace the spam. He is now the only member of with blue eyes, straight hair and a need for sunblock.

Mr. Moose, who the Rhino wants to be known as Bunny Fistmeister, gave the Rhino a ring. It either represents two weeks wages at Walmart or was purchased for two quarters out of one of the machines in front of the store. Either way, it's tacky. Mr. Moose is coming around a lot more lately, and so is the Hugger. He came back twice today to hug the Rhino. A fistfight between the demented old coot and the lesbian hillbilly may be in the offing.

Here is another interesting place to work

How was your day?

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Jackie said...

AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA I love this blog...It is the first thing I read in the morning!! My day was boring...I get paid 15.00/hr to make coffee and answer phones Can't really bitch...One of my clients annoys the hell out of me...So gross he trys to tell you something and says, "in other words" when he never said the words in the first place. And when he gets really in depth in a conversation he DROOLS A LOT!!! Keep it coming!!!