Yes, we have no Polaris

Old Crusty and Polaris had a falling out. They want to be paid for their product, and we can't. So Old Crusty did the only reasonable thing a man of his importance in the world of Powersports can do. He watched them repossess their products.

Three big trucks came and loaded all the Polaris ATVs and Victory motorcycles up. Now we have room for all the left over 2006 models we are paying flooring on, and if we get our finances straightened out, plenty of room for new models too.

Star got some lunch time pussy from a girl who came in looking for a scooter, and the CSB is still fucking the only straight guy in Dog Agility. Paco finally caved in and gave her his wife's pregnancy vicodin and the CSB was as nice to him as she is to her mother's dogs until he couldn't get a refill. So he fed Bandit a pair of left over Taco Bell tacos that he forgot were in his desk over the weekend.

Famous Nobody smacked his girlfriend around when she complained that 9.8 seconds is a good time in a drag race, but not in the sack, so there may be an opening in service for 6 to 24 months.