In the Line of Fire

" I hate ATV customers, They are such fucking assholes!!" Screamed the CSB at the top of her lungs. It was a rough morning for the CSB, because she had to sell something. Boo Hoo. "That's it! Star, grab the first job application from the box in the office, I need more salesmen." She ordered.

Star did as told and set up an interview within an hour! Apparently the new hire had nothing else going on and waiting for the call. After the interview Star hired Peewee Herman right on the spot.

CSB told Peewee that she didn't have time to teach him how to sell. So she threw all the brochures she had on his desk. "Read these."

Peewee tried to introduce himself to Mondo and Beans. "Hello I'm Peewee, what is your name?" He said extending his hand for a warm hand shake.

"Buddy, if you last here long enough I will make an effort to remember your name, til then stay out of my way." Beans pleasantly greeted him. Ignoring him completely Mondo looks at Beans and says "Did they steal from you on your last paycheck? Cuz I'm missing $300 out of mine."

With that, Peewee left and went try his luck with Paco. "Are they always like this to new people?" Paco had an awkward look on his face and said "What are you talking about this is how it is every day, welcome to hell." Then Peewee went and sat at the back desk and didn't say anymore.

The CSB had been trying to eat her lunch for the past hour, but she was too busy dealing with unhappy customers. By the time she had cleared up all the problems, she was starving. Just as she picked up her fork, one of the advertising reps came in to take pictures of the used bikes for this weeks ad. "Get away from me I'm trying to eat my fucking lunch, can't you see that?!"

Star stopped the rep before he could escape. He explained that the CSB really didn't mean to snap at him. After the ten min apology, Star helped the rep take pictures and thanked the rep for coming in.

"You are the best manager, Star, thanks so much for taking care of that jerk for me." said the CSB. "And for your great work you can have this weekend off."

"None of you better call in sick this weekend because Star is off." She warned. Then she took some pills and went to the back office to sleep with the dogs.

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