While The Bitch Is Away The Children Will Play

Without Fearless Leader CSB has made a manager out of Star.

The CSB had another dog show to attend.

Paco was getting an early start by selling an ATV to the first victim of the day. "Where is Star? I need him to sign this p.o." The dealership's big screen tv, Star and Baby Hitler were nowhere to be found. "If your looking for the only managers we have, check the back office" Beans informed Paco in her smart ass tone of voice. There they were with the lights off and tv on (watching porn with their dicks in hand? No). Star brought in his xbox and challenged Baby to a game of Tiger Woods' golf.

Don't you wish you could get paid for playing video games!?

To get in on the fun and games, Beans had a sticker she thought would look nice on the back of Daffy's Jeep. She nabbed the sticker from the lesbo bar downtown the night before. The sticker is a blue square with a yellow equal sign. And for those of you that don't know what that stands for, it is a symbol for the Human Rights Campaign. Also if you see one on a car, the person driving is most likely gay.

"Cool someone gave me a new sticker!" Daffy bragged to all the service techs. When they asked what it meant. Daffy told them "Duh, it's a shift racing gear sticker."

True, it does resemble the shift logo.

After the parts employees realized that their manager could see them while he was playing Tiger Woods. They collected all the dog toys laying around the shop. Once they had enough, the plan was for two of them to swing open the service doors, and the rest of them to bomb the techs!

Of course one good turn deserves another. The techs returned fire on the parts department. Toys were bouncing off of motorcycles left and right. This went on for a good 20 minutes.

"Hey! quit fucking around and get some work done!" Star told them.

CSB is so happy she found someone she could trust to babysit the employees while she is away.

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Anonymous said...

Could you post a "cast list" on the page somewhere??? I keep losing track of who everyone is in relation to their nickname/job.