The Nasty Kiss

Tits Ahoy mended her relationship with Psycho Jedi. She says that he really knows how to fuck. Either that or she really needed a babysitter for her 5 year old son, while she was at the Lazy K.

Psycho Jedi looks like he just crawled out from under a rock. He has tattoos covering both arm and legs. His hair is down to his mid back and in the front his hair gets tangled with his uneven beard. He wears black t-shirts with holes and baggy cut off shorts. And he must like to take his wallet for walks because he has a chain attached to it.

Mondo asked Tits Ahoy "If you let him watch your kid, why don't you let him take a shower at your apartment?"

I have to believe that Tits Ahoy just loves, down right dirty sex!

That afternoon Psycho Jedi stopped in to see his woman. After the sexual comments exchanged inside the store, Tits Ahoy walked her long haired rogue out to the car. He gave her a big long sloppy kiss right as the Rhino was walking by.

Rhino's face as she came in from lunch, was pale, like she was Caucasian instead of Mexican.

"What wrong with you? Was there a gruesome accident?" Beans asked the Rhino. "Worse! I just saw Tits Ahoy kissing that nasty thing she calls a boyfriend." Rhino said just before she puked.

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