International Day of the Moron

Today must be the international day of the moron.

A guy sent his wife in for a battery for the ATV. It is for the green one, not the other one. He figured we would know what battery to sell his wife because the guy he bought the ATV from bought it from us 10 years ago. She thinks it might be a Honda or something like a Honda but different. She knows one of them might be a Honda, but they have three.

Daffy told a client his bike won't run because it has kerosene in it. The customer explained to Dafffy that it is full of racing gas, not kerosene. He then inquired as to how Daffy became the service writer. Daffy explained that he doesn't know anything about motorcycles, but he thinks they are cool. He forgets that on his second day on the job as janitor, Daffy slipped in a puddle of dog pee and fell into a bike which then fell on his leg. Next thing he knew, he was hobbling around back in service, and making almost 8 dollars an hour.

Two idiots bringing their ATV in for service let it fall out of the back of their pick up, It took a bad bounce and landed wheels up. They then asked in service if the damage could be covered by warranty because this had never happened all the other times they let the ATV fall out the back of their pickup. "When you drop a quad off the back of your pickup, it's supposed to land on it's ass and stay there..."

Star convinced his new girlfriend to buy him a motorcycle in her name.

Another idiot called and wanted to know about making his suspension better for motocross racing. Somehow he got connected to Mondo, who told him an old racer's trick is to fill the forks with mayonnaise.We are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this conversation.

Paco tried to get the pay program structured so it makes sense. The CSB looked up from myspace and told him she'll look into it.

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