Ellie May returns to the Fold

Ellie May stopped by, and Mondo was sort of excited. Ever since she lost 40 pounds and confessed to everyone at the Lazy K one night after work at Karaoke that she was in love with Mondo, he actually considered having sex with her, if she would leave quietly at the first sign of light and never tell anyone.

This was after she broke up with hillbilly one and went to live with hillbilly two, who ran the karaoke. It was a pretty busy pair of days for Ellie May.

But no, her business was with the CSB. One of her blue collar friends has a Vicodin prescription from when his hand was cut off in an industrial accident. Aparently he can't feel anything anymore in that hand, so the vicodin really isn't necessary. Since he can't return to work, the cash would be nice. He gave the pills to Ellie May and told her he would like $100 for them so he can feed his kids. She sold them to the CSB for $250. That's more than Ellie May ever made in a week at the Lazy K.

The CSB said goodbye to Ellie May, told the Rhino what a loser Ellie May is, and went in the back to sleep with the dogs.

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