Tacky Ass

As you read this, keep in mind that Mondo is around 47 yrs old and Friar Tuck is a little over 30.

It's getting near the end of the Suzuki dead line and Mondo is pulling out every trick in the book to sell two more Suzukis so he can receive his bonus. Friar Tuck tries to take Mondo out of his game by telling him "Beans, Paco, and I have decided to not sell you any of our Suzukis so you have to get your bonus on your own" Friar Tuck told Mondo that he'd bet him 100 bucks that he won't be able to pull it off. Mondo boasted back "I have two more hours tonight and all day tomorrow to sell them."

Then at the last half hour of the day, wouldn't you know it, two young guys want a Suzuki "buddy pack" and Mondo happily grabs a bill of sale to start the paper work. This pissed off Friar Tuck, his face was red and he looked around for something to do to Mondo. Finding a tack in his desk, he snatched it up and ran over to Mondo's chair and placed it neatly upwards.

Beans having somewhat of a heart said "Oh my God, what are you doing that's going to hurt!, you can't do that!" Just then Mondo working fast, while his customers are looking at accessories, he sits right down on the tack! YEEEEEEOOOW!!! It was like watching a cartoon character. Steam rolled out of his ears when he picked up the tack and glared at Friar.

Then he runs over and tries to stab Friar with the tack like it was a steak knife in a horror film. Beans and Paco are in stitches watching the whole thing go down like it was a preschool play ground. Finally the CSB looks up from myspace and asks, "what is going on?" And like they were caught by a teacher, they stopped, looked up and said "Nothing."

Here's a place that is run like the Lazy K



Anonymous said...

Can you spell tetanus? I can't.

Anonymous said...

How do I get a job there! I have a Tuinal problem and I keep equaled out by hitting the pipe.

I'm sure I could get some type of customer relations job or possibly a job road testing bikes ;-)

All in all GREAT FREAKING WORK, I can't want for the next day to roll around to read the next post.

Your driving me nuts as well as my friends on the loction of the nut house.

It reminds me of the National Lampoon stories of years ago!

Anonymous said...

When there's a movie made out of this I wanna say.. Yeah, I was into that back in the day before they sold out.

This is USA Network grade A quality. Gotta be animated though.

I wanna party with the CSB.

-Tuneless Terry
President of the CSB Fanclub