Mondo heard that the Lazy K was the best place for a salesperson to make money, because they have no rules on what you can charge customers. He came from another dealership that he only worked at for two weeks. Mondo only works in the summer months and spends the rest of the time traveling by bike. Also he has a girlfriend in every country that he visits.

He is quite good at sales. Let me give you a perfect example:

Beans has a friend named Beanie. Lesbians often have the same name, imagine yelling out your own name in bed! Anyway, Beanie came in to the Lazy K to buy another bike. She asked for Beans but unfortunately it was her day off.

Mondo was nice to Beanie, he even helped her decide that she didn’t want a street bike but a dirt bike. It was Mondo’s best deal. The new dirt bike was a three year old left over model that had been sitting in the Lazy K’s outdoor warehouse. It had nice rust colored forks and rims. MSRP on this unit is $2299, but Mondo offered it to her for $1999. Mondo explained to Beanie that this fine jewel was $59 dollars per month. What a deal!!! She couldn’t pass it up. Later she realized that the total on the loan was $4687.18, and she didn’t really want a dirt bike.

That following day Beans received a phone call from Beanie. “I bought a dirt bike and I really wanted a street sport bike, and I can't kickstart it. Can I return it?” Beans told her that there was nothing she could do once the paperwork is done and the merchandise has been picked up, it’s a done deal. Beans was upset that her friend was a victim of Mondo.

ondo’s sister is an artist in another state. I’d say it’s safe to assume that it runs in the family. Mondo is a con-artist. Friar Tuck even spent all last winter on the internet trying to find someone that the con-artist ripped off, so they would come and put Mondo behind bars. Friar found some good information about Mondo owing a half million dollars to one of the 50 states. No such luck with eliminating Mondo, because apparently the state has more important people to be concerned with.

Just to fuck with Mondo for all the shit he does to people. Rhino found a great way to play a prank on him. He left his cell phone lying on his piles of junk on his desk. Rhino plucked it from the filth. She found his “in town” woman’s number and sent her a loving text message. Then she erased it. Mondo only was able to see the reply. It read: How sweet! Me too. -------I LOVE U.

Then at 3a.m. Mondo’s cell phone alarm went off. Also the great work of Rhino.

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