Taco Dave and the dealer plate

Things aren't going well for the CSB with the new man of her dreams, so Taco Dave is back sniffing around. He brought his little dog over to play while he took one of the dealerships used bikes out for a ride. The dogs played and fought and barked, and chased little children back to their parents, and took turns pissing on things. Then they collected in the doorway and decided to hump one another. So as customers came in to buy things, they had to step over or around little humping dogs to get to the motorcycles and ATVs.

The CSB thinks it is adorable to watch dogs hump in the doorway, so she takes video of them, then posts it on the Poodle's myspace, and has everyone in the store come and watch it on the computer while she makes bizarre comments.

When Taco Dave came back with the used bike, the dealer plate was missing. So the CSB went back to the service department and screamed at the guy who gets $7 an hour to wash the bikes and keep the place clean that he is a fucking idiot and is going to pay to replace the plate. Then she got the leashes and went out with Taco Dave to walk the dogs.

The guy who gets $7 an hour to work his ass off for a boss who will never be satisfied told everyone there was no way the plate could have come off. Baby Hitler told him he is a fucking idiot after the CSB got done screaming at Baby Hitler about hiring fucking incompetents.

The guy who gets $7 an hour doesn't think it's fair that he has to pay for the plate.

Our dental plan just changed. This is the new provider.



Anonymous said...

please oh please provide a link to the poodles myspace.

Anonymous said...

Another great read. The CSB should get her dogs on http://www.dogster.com/, where it's all dogs. They probably have a video category for humping, so she'll fit right in.