A Lesson in Appropriate Behavior

It was a rainy day so naturally it was slow at the Lazy K. The CSB left for the day. With nothing else going on, Tits-a-ahoy played on the work computer while Beans played with her hair.

Beans has a sick addiction to playing with hair. It doesn't matter if its her own or someone else's. She also makes a strange clicking sound with her tongue, kinda like she is sucking on a nipple. Beans claims that she has been doing this all 29 years of her life.

Beans is twisting away at Tits-a-ahoy's hair when a customer walks in to speak with Fearless Leader. Fearless Leader was blabbing away at anyone within earshot about what a great racer he used to be. Then he realized the customers were distracted by the girls behind him doing a hair ritual. Or maybe they were bored with his story. Either way they weren't listening to Fearless Leader and when he speaks the world should stop.

After the customers left, Fearless Leader told Beans "that is inappropriate behavior, people might think you are gay!" Fearless Leader is sharp as a marble, umm hello, Beans is gay.

Fearless Leader decided to go out back, smoke a blunt, and down a 40 to calm his nerves. He stumbles back in to the store. Finally makes it behind the front counter to apologize to Beans and Tits. Then he gives a love tap to Beans' ass. Wobbling a little more he almost falls but thank the heavens that Tits-a-ahoy has watermelons that he can grab onto and save himself.

Here's an appropriate gift for your youngster


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