The Poodle cyberstalks

Tits Ahoy had a boyfriend. They broke up and started trading insults back and forth on myspace. He accused her of being a slutbag and she replied that he is a closet homosexual. This went on for several days. One by one, Tits Ahoy pulled the other members of this all too comic train wreck waiting to happen over to the computer Suzuki bought the company so we could show prospective customers various models that we don't stock but can order, and let them partake of the banter, reading aloud the most interesting of the exchanges before forwarding them to all her myspace friends and relatives.

The CSB became interested in the witty repartee, and decided to add to the drama. So she logged onto myspace with the Poodle's account and told Psycho Jedi, the ex, that he, the Poodle, is having sex with Tits Ahoy, fucking her eight ways to Sunday, and that she is begging for more. And he doesn't know why Psycho Jedi left Tits Ahoy, because she is now the Poodle's favorite bitch.

Psycho Jedi responded to the Poodle by saying that he wished the Poodle luck, that the Poodle wouldn't ever reach bottom in Tits Ahoy, and that Tits Ahoy is, believe it or not, a cheating slutbag.

The CSB replied, speaking, or rather typing, in the voice, or rather bark, of the Poodle, saying that maybe Psycho Jedi isn't man enough to fuck Tits Ahoy properly.

Psycho Jedi answered back that the Poodle shouldn't fuck with him, Tits Ahoy is a lesbo slutbag, and that if he didn't keep his snout shut, Psycho Jedi would make it so the Poodle went to work with half a face.

The Poodle then said maybe Psycho Jedi has a very small dick.

Then the Poodle asked Psycho Jedi if he could be Psycho Jedi's friend, hoping Psycho Jedi would respond affirmatively and they could exchange insults in one another's comment space.

Psycho Jedi replied that he really is going to fuck up the amazing typing dog really bad, and that Tits Ahoy is a real slutbag and really big skank, and that no, he doesn't want to be the Poodle's friend. And he reiterated that he really is going to fuck up the Poodle really bad if the Poodle doesn't stop fucking with him.

While she was typing on behalf of the Poodle to Psycho Jedi, the CSB moved in her chair, and it ran over one of the Poodle's legs. He yelped.

"You fucking idiot, get out from under the chair," said the CSB, "Dumbass can do agility but he can't get out of the way of my fucking chair."

Later this evening, Mr. Moose got on myspace as the Poodle and told Psycho Jedi he really should consider Penis Enhancement surgery.

Ever wonder what happens when dogs taunt lunatics on myspace?

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