The Proper Procedure For Ordering Supplies

We ran out of toner cartridges and couldn't print out documents or run credit applications.

Business came to a standstill until Mondo sent Jethro to Staples with the company credit card to buy a couple.

When Cowtits® returned, three days later, she stampeded through the dealership, mooing loudly that we bought our toner cartridges at Staples instead of ordering them online and waiting a week, because they are $9 cheaper online and you don't pay sales tax. She even berated employees who have nothing to do with ordering or using office supplies. Everybody got an earful of the big cow.

And an unfortunate look at her leatherbelly.

And nobody got any candy.

Dickie sent out a memo that anyone who buys office supplies without checking with Cowtits® first will be terminated.

Saving that $9 and sales tax is more important than being able to do business for a few days.

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