Finanncial Genius

Chicken Little knows Finance Managers make a lot of money. More than mechanics. So he told the Douchebag that he wants to be the Finance Manager.

Mondo does most of what a Finance Manager does at the dealership, and he was surprised that we don't pull credit reports when we are trying to get people financed.

He told Chicken Little that one of the reasons you need to pull a credit report is so you can argue with the lender that your customer deserves a loan.

"What makes you think you're a credit expert?" asked Chicken Little.

"Don't you call the lender back and try to get an approval?" asked Mondo.

"Yes, and they tell me what's in the credit report. I think they know better than you."

So Dickie made Chicken Little the Finance Manager. Chicken Little promptly put policies in place that violate several Federal and State Statutes.

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