What Our Customers Say

This post could be about the Lazy K, if it really exists.

Sales- Fuckers Screwed me over on the price didn't realize that they had till it was over, kept pulling me away, then sign this go look at this so in the end they scewed me out of $700. WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!! Sad thing was I really liked the salespeople, I didn't think they were screwy I was wrong!!!!!!

Service- I've never had anything worked on there. Thanks god!!!! My predelivery check was horraible. The kid that did it knew nothing about the bike. He didn't know where the key went, how to start it, or where to put oil in it. This would be the kid that would be working on your bike. No one in service was older then 23. It might have just been a night "off" but they where throwing stuff in the service area and hot rodding the four wheelers in the back. Not a place I would leave my bike. I've heard from others also, you can get a good deal there but never take your bike there for service.


Dr. Phil said...

Sounds like you need to get a life. Wow someone hurt you bad. I advise therapy. You are the most miserable person I know. Get over it! I know rejection hurts but it's time to move on...Think positive and you'll be as happy as I am. It's all in the mind. Let go of this anger and move on. Or just find a good hobby.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you met our two good friends, Mr. Freight and Mr. Prep.

Apparently Crazy said...

Waaaaahhhhh... CSBs feelings hurt a bit? LOL... gosh, I could only WONDER if it's an employee??? *sarcasm, duh*