The State Inspector

A guy came in and started talking to the salesmen. Mondo noticed his identification badge was from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Because the Lazy K is often in violation of the law for some reason or another, usually involving something Mondo made a customer pay for that doesn't exist, like brake pads for a jet ski, this and the way the guy walked right in and sat down at his desk, made Mondo uneasy.

The guy chatted for a while about bikes and business, then asked who was the responsible for paperwork.

Mondo quickly pointed at the Buddha, "The guy in the corner next to the candy machine."

When a new company decided to put a candy machine into the Lazy K, they looked around and decided that the best place to put it was near the Buddha's desk. Go figure.

The salespeople went back to making the big decision of the day, Chipotle or McDonalds, and discussing whether or not Beans was really gay. Friar Tuck believes her gayness can be cured by a sexual experience with an angry fat man. Mondo thinks it would take a lot more liquor than any of them can afford, since the CSB figured out a new way to fuck the salespeople out of another $31 in commissions on every bike sold. Paco likes two double cheese burgers for $2, the most money his wife will let him leave the house with.

The Buddha paged Mondo to the finance office, also known as the desk in the corner with the really strong chair, and Mondo turned two shades of white. Friar Tuck said he hoped Mondo was going to jail. Paco wanted to know if Tits Ahoy would go to McDonalds for everyone. Beans got the fax form for Chipotle.

The Buddha told Mondo that two of his victims had been approved for financing. Why he decided to wait until he had the inspector from the Department of Motor Vehicles at his desk is anyone's guess. The Buddha has an inscrutable way about him.

The CSB decided to talk to the Inspector. She started rambling about dog shows and dog agility and training dogs and doc fees and freight and prep and how her mother, the Old Battleax, was the person he should be talking to, because she handles all that sort of stuff, but she's out of the state at a dog show and will be three counties over when she gets back. She put on her biggest fake smile, a largemouth bass frown turned up at the edges, all the more hideous since she's not wearing makeup because she got dog crap in her eye, and it's swollen and red and probably smells bad, and she rambled on for about half an hour, while Bandit barked and begged for treats, until the inspector realized he had to be somewhere fast. Then she went back to talking to the poodle about his Myspace page.

The Inspector was here about an identity theft case.

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