Fun With Video

One of the most amazing things you can do with video these days is hide it anywhere. On March 31, we hid two cameras in the only operational bathrooms at the Lazy K. Here is what we learned...

1. Baby Hitler and Twerpy, his little parts monkey, spend a lot of time comparing privates in the restroom. Twerpy has parental issues, and Baby Hitler doesn't get any at home. They're on the lowdown (or is it downlow?).

2. Mondo is capable of having phone sex with five different women in four different languages to completion.

3. One of those women may be Beans, who sits quietly at her desk then thrashes about a bit and can't believe she is actually doing this.

4. Paco sits down to urinate.

5. The weird guy pees in the sink.

6. You don't want to go in there right after the Buddha.

7. Star and his friend the I.T. guy like to play with one another's Wii's in the bathroom near the parts department.

But the icing on the cake is that...

Every now and again, Star and the CSB go into the bathroom near the five dollar room and snort coke off the back of the toilet, then fuck like little monkeys.

I hope his Meal Ticket doesn't catch anything. She seems really nice.


Anonymous said...

maybe it wasn't dog shit, but Star cumming in her eye that infected the CSB.

JW said...
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JW said...

Sounds like this old hag I used to work for. We did a lot of drugs together.

Anonymous said...

Damn, post those videos on! It's not hard to blur faces!