Daffy Gets a Clue

Daffy somehow stumbled across this blog at his new job, and said, "Hey, that happened to me too. That Daffy guy's pretty cool."

One of the funny about Google AdSense is that from time to time, the dealership where Daffy now works was an advertiser on this blog.

Daffy read further and realized that he and one of the characters in the blog shared a number of experiences. He thought that was an amazing coincidence. And wasn't it amazing that there was a character where he used to work who was as big an asshole as Baby Hitler? Baby Hitler would be just as amazed as Daffy was at the coincidences.

He emailed Baby Hitler about the blog, so now the inmates at the Lazy K know it exists. They spent an entire day reading the blog instead of working.

Things might get interesting.


Apparently Crazy said...

Whoo, buddy... this COULD get interesting now. If you have to lock down again, don't forget about me! LOL

Everybody Loves Terry - The Computer Whisperer said...

So that's what happened. I thought the WBotWS was lost and gone forever. Add me next time too, douche.