Star Wants To Fire the Entire Sales Staff

One of the tricks we use to lure morons who call into the Lazy K is to give them a price that is too good to be true. If the bike retails for $10,000 and the invoice is $9200, we will tell the idiot on the other end of the line that he can buy the bike for $8450. This gets a lot of them in the door.

Often they have driven a couple hundred miles to get the bike at this low low price, much lower than anyone else will sell the bike for. We got tired of having them scream at us and call us liars and con artists when we give them the bad news, so now when we do the old bait and switch, we tell them to ask for Taco. Well, all but one of us does.

Star somehow intercepted a call from someone asking for Taco, and decided to exert his managerial power. He started screaming like a little girl at Lil' Wigger, who was the only person there, that he wanted to know who was telling people to ask for Taco.

"I'm sure it's Mondo, if I find out who it is, he's fired. If you can't tell them your real name, you shouldn't be answering the phone," said Star, prancing around like fresh meat in a Turkish prison.

"Maybe it's Paco and they got confused," said Lil' Wigger. "Paco, Taco, Taco, Paco, they are very close. I haven't heard anyone do this."

"I know it's Mondo, and if I catch him doing it, he's fired. I'm going to fire someone."

So now Paco does get all the sales calls, and everyone else is pissed off.

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Anonymous said...

You guys suck. If someone did that to me, I would beat his ass. It would be a homicide.