The Buddha's New Bike

Recently the CSB called one of the people she thinks is responsible for the blog and offered him the Buddha's job if he would come back, even though Star and Baby Hitler say they will leave if he comes back. They won't. They've tried and found they have nowhere else to go that doesn't involve the quick service of hot and juicy hamburgers if they want to stay in management. The CSB sounded a little far from home. She has offered the Buddha's job in the past to Beans, Ol' Wigger, Friar Tuck, Mondo, the woman who approves our loans at the place we send people with bad credit, some guy who asked for three weeks of summer vacation after she agreed to hire him and before she canned the Buddha last year, and everyone who read her myspace page before she canceled it so people who read this blog wouldn't find it and think she's a real ho, sans nappy head.

The Buddha decided he wanted a new VTX 1300. He put together the numbers and gave them to the CSB to sign off on. She said she would talk about it with the Old Battleax, and left it at that. After time passed, and it seemed the matter was forgotten, the Buddha went to Star and asked him to intercede on his behalf with the CSB. So Star approached the CSB. For whatever reason, the CSB decided to call the Old Battleax and discuss the Buddha's purchase. She stood at the counter, where the customers come to pay for bikes and merchandise, and made the call while the Buddha was out smoking.

"Why should the Buddha get a deal? I don't want to give him a fucking deal." the CSB asked her mother, "He wants a fucking deal. I don't fucking owe that son of a bitch a fucking thing. Why should I give him a fucking deal. He doesn't deserve a fucking deal. He's a fucking backstabber. I don't want to fucking give him anything."

Everybody who works at the Lazy K and anyone who wanted to buy anything got to hear the CSB discuss the Buddha and his motorcycle purchase in these glowing terms until she saw the doors open in the service department and the Buddha begin the long saunter back to his office, the old desk with the heavy duty chair in the corner by the oft filled empty candy machine.

"I'm not giving that fucker anything. I'll call you back later," said the CSB and hung up the phone.

"Why can't that old bitch just leave me the fuck alone to do what I fucking want?" she asked rhetorically, then got back on the computer.


Anonymous said...

I think the Buddha and his bike are HOT ! OUCH !

Anonymous said...

Can you see the bike?

Anonymous said...

picture of the buddha and his new bike !!!