The Homeless Guy

The Manatee watched a Homeless Guy wander into the $5 room and wheel a dirtbike out of the Lazy K. She thought a while, which she isn't very good at, then told Star what she had seen. Star explained to the Manatee that even though he looks like a bum with a bad white man afro who is trying to steal a motorcycle, the Homeless Guy is the hilljack who used to assemble motorcycles at one of the other Lazy Ks, then married the Fat Sneaky Bitch, the only one of Crustys spawn to actually attend special education classes. Marrying the FSB somehow qualified the guy who assembled motorcycles to run the brand new Lazy K.

Do brilliant business decisions like that on the part of Old Crusty and the Old Battleax somehow explain the steady six year decline in unit sales at the Lazy K? Business everywhere else seems to be booming.


doug said...

I'm sure this hilarious, great blog will help in the demise of the Lazy K even faster! Did I say that I love this blog?!

Seeing is Believing said...

I finally took a ride out to the Lazy K, and I have to admit it is just as interesting as the blog. I got to take a Guided Tour from a real Harley mechanic. Everyone is obviously who they are, except for a few. I would like to ask a couple of questions.

Is the skinny blonde guy who sits behind the counter and plays with a video game Little wigger?

Does Paco have a desk by the door? Is he the buttmonkey who shook my hand and introduced himself then left to take a phone call for half a hour?

Are you guys going to clean the bathrooms any time soon? What about the dog shit in the back of the store?

Can you shut those fucking mutts the fuck up?

What is the CSB taking? She was a real cunt to the fat guy in the corner, the buddah?

doug said...

Seeing, could you go in to the dealership and pretend to take pics of the bikes and make sure there are employess in the picture too so we can all see them?

Anonymous said...

Hermee & Dew-Z??? My god.

doug said...

Wasn't Hermee the elf in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Anonymous said...

Nope, rumor has it that she named the dog after PeeWee Herman.