Over the Rainbow

Paco has become positively psychotic over pictures of rainbows, and demands that they be removed from the company website, because he thinks people think he works in a Gay Store now.
Paco is also upset because the CSB will sell motorcycles to customers for less than she sold one to him, and the other salespeople make fun of Paco for letting her rip him off.

Paco Works in a Gay Store.

And he does own a lot of leather clothing.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet Paco has some assless leather chaps.

DoUg said...

Maybe Paco can post some pics on here of the CSB doing drugs and get back at her that way.

Anonymous said...

The poorly Photoshopped rainbow is now gone from their webpage.

If you know how to use the wayback machine you can see a pic of the alleged CSB and her two dogs.

Anonymous said...

Can you dig up her myspace page too?

Anonymous said...

I doubt I can. I don't really use myspace. I thought I found her on another site having a handle ending in "sohot" but that picture in no way matches the wayback machine photo.

doug said...

Someone tell me how to use the Wayback machine! I gotta see this nasty bi-atch!

Anonymous said...


plug in their name

I've checked about 20 pages so far.

*sigh* too much garbage on their website to sift through

Also, why are they always hiring?

ha ha

doug said...

Thanks for help on the Wayback!!
She's not as bad looking as I was expecting. But I'm sure once you meet her, it's all down hill from there.

Anonymous said...

What page/date did you find her on?

I never did get to see her dogs/her (is there a difference?)

I wonder if anyone has called them?


Anonymous said...

See if this link works:

Anonymous said...

I'd do her. Spanking and all.

Anonymous said...

You probably don't want to do a Better Business Bureau search of the business either.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I'd do her too until she tried to speak.