Chasing Cars and Trucks

A guy came to the front counter, and asked to speak to the manager. The CSB looked up from cruising craigslist for more dick pics, and asked what was the problem.

"I just want to tell you that you lost a customer," he said, and walked out.

"Thank you for letting us know," said the CSB, and went back to answering personal ads.

Then for some reason, she sprang to her feet and ran out to his truck, and stood in the doorjam so he couldn't close his door, until he explained what the problem was. Apparently the service department had ruined his ATV and couldn't figure out how to make it like it was when it ran and he brought it in for it's first service.

The last time we can remember the CSB chasing a truck turned out to be a bad experience for her. She had found her "boyfriend", one of the salesmen who was about 20 years younger than her and a good friend of Star's, in a gay bar, with his arm around a fellow male expert in the art fellatio. The CSB started to rant at him/them about how wonderful she was until he ran from the place. Like any sane woman who finds her boyfriend/employee with his arm around another man in a gay bar, the CSB gave chase.

Star's very close friend got into his truck, then locked the doors and started to leave. After running around the truck banging on the windows and kicking the doors, the CSB decided the best way to deal with the situation was to jump in the back of a moving pickup. She missed and fell off, and showed up at work the next day with black eyes and bruises.

We never could figure out how you get two black eyes from falling out the back of a pickup truck. But to the CSB, this was the most plausible story she could come up with.


Who's your Daddy? said...

So did the CSB gobble the guy’s sausage for the good of customer service? You know…. she likes sex, sex and more sex!

doug said...

I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

The guy probally had her meds.