Bandit Bites Another Little Girl

Paco finally sold something. He's been pretty upset over the way he is portrayed as an efficient little worker bee buzzing merrily away in Chaos Meadows, and has been blaming the fact that everyone in the world knows about the blog for keeping people out of the store (I think we'd have more than 6 billion hits by now if that were true). So Paco and the Tour Guide have been sitting at Paco's desk, looking at videos of ZX-14s and drag motorcycle accessories on Paco's laptop.

Finally, Paco got someone to buy a Honda for his son, and had hidden the freight and prep fees like the CSB tells us to now that we are being sued, so Paco was going to make decent money. He kept his customer away from the CSB, so she couldn't open her mouth and serve up a discount, cutting into Paco's commission.

Paco was leading his customer back to the accessories counter, to get the little lad a helmet and chest protector. Suddenly, Bandit started barking and ran after the customer's little girl. The girl screamed and ran away. Bandit gave chase, and bit her on the calf, hard enough to leave a red mark.

The girl started crying, and the CSB came out from behind her computer.

"Your dog just bit my little girl," said Dad.

"She's not trying to hurt you," said the CSB, "She's just trying to herd you. Bandit loves children."

"Your dog bit my little girl," repeated Dad.

"Let me see what I can do to make things right," said the CSB.

She took the bill of sale from Paco, deducted $750, so Paco went from making money on the deal to making $5, and told the little boy he could have a free helmet. Then she locked Bandit in the back room so they could continue shopping in peace, without being herded.

After they left, the CSB said, "That little girl was running all over the place. No wonder Bandit bit her. People should keep kids like that at home."


dOuG said...

Good thing the rat dog didn't bite me. I would've punted it clear over the rainbow in the homepage picture.;)

paco said...

i think its the rhino

Anonymous said...

"paco said... "i think" - I think? You dare say "I think"? LIAR!

ArcticDevil said...

Bite me, i'll punt you
Bite my kid, you dies as a boot printed smear on the sales floor.....this goes for the humans too.