I Can Pass Any Drug Test

The CSB has been on the phone telling everyone who will listen about the Blog, and explaining that it's not real. All she talks about is this damn blog. She claims everyone is out to get her, and that she has never bought prescription painkillers from anyone, and is not fucked up most of the time when she is at work, and does not pass out in the back room surrounded by dog toys. She spent an entire day on the phone telling the Old Battleax and Old Crusty about the blog, then explaining who all the characters were supposed to be, always fininshing with, "I'll take a drug test, I can pass any drug test."

Okay, we believe you, wink wink, take the damn test.

Maybe someone should call her doctor and express concern at the amount of medication she receives in the mail every week and buys from everyone who will sell it to her and steals from those who won't.

The other night, one of the technicians watched her weave down the freeway at 45 miles an hour, then pass halfway through the intersection at the exit before coming to a stop.

The CSB cancelled her Myspace account.

Star is strongly suggesting to the other employees that they don't talk to the supposed authors of the blog, and still sending out resumes.

The Manatee glares, scowls, and isn't happy to be a manatee.

On a positive note, a customer brought his Suzuki SV650 in to have a tire changed and wrecked in the parking lot as he was leaving. But at least it wasn't the Service Department's fault. He was showing off and making a sharp turn on the fresh tire, and the bike slid out from underneath him. This guy had bored all the salespeople for the two hours it took to put on the tire with stories of greatness about the six months he's been riding a bike and what a great bike the SV 650 is, so we were kind of glad to see him fall.


Anonymous said...

I love this Blog! :)

CSB cancelled her myspace account? Man I wish I could've seen a pic of her fat overmedicated mug just to get an idea of what she looked like. And that is INCLUDING all of her chins!

Long live the Lazy K!

prisoner at lazy k said...

It's all true!!!

Apparently Crazy said...

Damn... and I've just been hoping to get a peek at the POODLE's MySpace page! LOL

Anonymous said...

yeah, I would've liked to been able to see the CSB all doped up too on My Space! I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

After following this blog it seems obvious that the blooger is disturbed that he hasn't been able to hook up with the CSB after 5 years of trying.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't been able to hook up with the CSB? Ha... I saw here page before she dropped and rolled. I can see why she deleted it, her myspace page just about cleared the path for anyone. CSB - I like sex, sex, sex and more sex. Oh BTW did I mention that I like sex?

What a joke! This beyotch is finally getting her reward for all the years she thought being the owner's daughter was a reason to crap on everyone.

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is how can this dealership stay in business?
With all the crap going on, it almost seems impossible!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog since I found a link on to it on craigslist some months back. This shit is hilarious.