Another Lazy K Experience

Isn't it nice to know that everyone enjoys the same great level of service at the Lazy K. Here is a customer's comment about the Lazy K.

"The Lazy K took over 8 weeks to fix my son’s motorcycle. They changed thier story 3 times as to what was wrong with it and did not honor the warranty from the manufacturer. First it was no Oil in the engine, then it was to much oil in the engine, finally it was dirt in the engine. Yet after they rebuilt it, they didn’t clean the dirt our of the engine and destoyed the valves. As a matter of fact, I even had to track down the parts through the manufacturer as they were to Lazy to find out why the parts had not arrived after 3 weeks on order."


happy customer, unhappy employees said...

I have been reading this blog since Jan 2007 and thanks to all the authors for bringing me a lil ray of sunshine in my normally nonhumorous day. Recently, my spouse and I traded in our motorcycle at a well known dealership in our area. We waited for hours while the nice salesman dealt with the screaming, angry boss lady. One employee kept looking at me as to apoligize for the crazy, screaming, pen-throwing boss. As I sat there, I started to compare the characters of my beloved blog to the actual people in this shop and realized I HAVE FOUND THE CSB!!!! Seriously! I was able to match most of the main characters to the people of this dealership. I feel sorry for all the poor souls that had to deal with the CSB that day. Now that I know that it's based on this particular dealership, I will be telling EVERYONE I know to stay away from there, but to read the blog because it's GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Just found and read the complete blog...AWESOME! I've worked in the motorcycle industry at a competing dealership to the Lazy K for over 5 years now, and I can tell you I'm laughing my ass off, because I know it's true!

Doug said...

Please tell the rest of us what state the Lazy K is in! I'm dyin' over here!