Is that you , Mr. Dumbass?

For some reason, probably because we sell Polaris products, we get a lot of calls from hillbillies three states over who hope we can beat the local dealer's price, which they've already beaten down to about cost, by enough to justify spending the time and money coming to see us. Sometimes they will do this to save $50, because to these yokels, it's the principal of the thing.

But of course, before they come and see us, they call us fifteen times, pestering us with the most inane questions you can think of, making sure the deal really is what we say it is, especially when we occasionally tell them a price about $500 under cost, just to fuck with them on a slow day.

One of these particularly pesky morons kept calling Mondo one fine autumn morning, to see if he should drive 400 miles to buy a Polaris 800. The first time he called, Mondo gave him a price that was right about invoice. The next time he called, saying he had that price beat, but refusing to say by how much, Mondo quoted him a price that was $1000 under dealer cost, and asked him if he wanted the Dale Earnhardt Edition. This is the ATV one of our technicians drove into a wall back in service and we're trying to figure out how to sell it as new without disclosing the damage.

About an hour and a half later, after he'd called every Polaris dealer in four states and been told the deal was not real, this cheapskate calls and wants to go over the entire deal, make sure we were talking about the same model, there were no hidden charges, and see if we could go even lower.

By this time, Mondo was sick of dealing with the idiot, so he put him on hold for a long time, picked up the phone and said, "Still there, Mr. Dumbass?"

"Yep, right here, now are you sure we're talking about the 800 Limited edition?"

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