Another One Bites the Dust

CSB thought that Peewee forgot how to sell, so she degrades him by taking over the sell and telling the rest of the sales staff to watch and learn. The customers agreed to pay $5000 when talking to Peewee. But, CSB said no to that offer.

Of course the customers want their sixteen year old daughter's head to be protected. And, as anyone would ask "why one helmet is more expensive than the other?"

The professional answer of the CSB is "It's just like a pill, you pay for the name. The generic vicodin has all the same effects as the name brand, just like these helmets." Baby Hitler nods and says "That's the best way to describe it."

What you really are paying for in a more expensive helmet is quality, comfort.

After a hours of negotiating with the customers, the CSB agrees to take $5000 plus give them a free helmet and goggles. Did that make sense to you?

Peewee was confused by the CSB process and asked Paco to help him understand the logic behind it.

Paco tells Peewee that "the CSB is on drugs and basically it comes down to you made $5 and you can thank her for dragging the sell out for two hours."


"Did Peewee go to lunch?" someone asked mid-day.

And that's the last anyone has seen him for 3 days.

I think he lasted a month.

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