The Rhino's Big Gaping Hole

This happened last Easter, but it's a great story anyway.

Mr. Moose decided the time was right to introduce her hillbilly parents to the Rhino, so they drove down to spend Easter in the hollow. One of the things hillbillies like to do more than anything else is ride ATVs. The Moose family has their fair share, so they loaded the Rhino on the one with the greatest capacity for carrying livestock and off the clan went whooping and hollering through the woods.

Somehow the Rhino managed to ram a 2" diameter stick through her calf, narrowly missing the bone. She was of course hospitalized.

The CSB, who considers the Rhino her only friend, was devastated. Then mad because the Rhino wasn't there to help her pick men on the internet. She called her mother to complain. Her mother, the Old Battleax, calls all the shots at the Lazy K, and her business savvy is what has helped the Lazy K achieve a steady 5 year decline in unit sales while the industry is enjoying it's greatest growth in years.

"I'm just happy it didn't happen at work," said the Old Battleax, who also expressed concern that this injury would raise insurance premiums for the company.

to be continued...

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