Do we have to look at the pictures?

About a week after the Rhino got a hole in her leg, she found her way to a phone and started calling the Lazy K, to catch up on what was going on, and tell us about her latest infection, skin graft, and that Mr. Moose was wiping her ass for her. She was of course sure this was a sign of true love, and not just that Mr. Moose had nothing to do and didn't want to go out and find a job.

The next thing we knew, Mr. Moose brought by some photos of the injury, and they really were grotesque. The skin graft looked like a turkey leg, and the hole was about five inches across and three wide. We all got to look at them, it wasn't mandatory, they just sort of popped up in front of your face when you least expected it.

The CSB kept complaining that the Rhino wasn't going to come back, and that she would probably loose her leg. Warranty registrations, because this was one of the jobs the Rhino did, began to pile up in the office.

to be continued...

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