Bye Bi

Weavepole Dave asked the CSB to dinner with him and his sister. This is the first time the CSB and the sister will meet. His sister is quite a bit younger than him. I believe she is 29. She is about the same height as the CSB only way better looking.

They went to Applebees for happy hour. The CSB and Sis really hit it off! Wow! thought Weavepole Dave, maybe she will marry me because she enjoys my family.

A few drinks later, Weavepole Dave has to break the seal. While he is in the bathroom, the CSB and Sis have their first kiss! When he returns, he sees the CSB's hand on his sisters thigh. But he doesn't think much of it.

After having way to many drinks, Weavepole Dave drives with one hand over his eye so the road is more clear. The three of them stagger in to Weavepole Dave's house. Then he makes his way to the couch and lays down to rest a minute. Of course he is passed out for the night.

The CSB takes Sis by the hand and leads her to her brother's room. Some heavy fondling and kissing goes on while standing next to his bed. Then Sis can't take it any more so she pushes the CSB down on the bed and proceds to rip off her clothes. They start to finger each other, then they 69 til they pass out.

The next morning Weavepole Dave is happy to see his sister in bed with the CSB.

And we don't know why he was happy, I thought he would have been extremely upset.

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