The Rhino Returns

So after the Rhino was gone for a few weeks with the gaping hole in her calf, and the CSB was making plans to replace her, we got a call that the Rhino would be making a brief appearance later that afternoon.

They showed up around three pm. Mr. Moose helped the Rhino out of the truck, and we watched as she hobbled with a granny walker into the Lazy K.

The Rhino spied a chair in the middle of the showroom and immediately sat down. She asked who wanted to see her hole, and without waiting for an answer, took off the bandage. The hole was huge, and the skin graft over the muscles looked like turkey skin stitched onto a basketball. Fortunately the Rhino chose to wear shorts short enough that we could see the big red rectangle on her big beefy thigh where the doctors had shaved the skin for the skin graft.

The Rhino showed off her hole to everyone who wandered past, employee and customer alike. All were treated to a detailed description of her life pretty much since the event happened. She was sitting in front of the ATVs, and relished telling potential customers how she'd had a stick go right through the plastic fender and into her leg. Few people wanted to look at ATVs after that.
Bandit the Border Collie ran over and started licking the wound. The Rhino encouraged this, while telling the CSB that she planned to come back in a very short while, and wanted to work from home in the meantime. The CSB said this sounded like a good idea, and after a short visit, the Rhino hobbled out to the truck and Mr. Moose drove her home.

"Working from home isn't going to work," said the CSB, as soon as the truck was out of the parking lot, "We need to find someone to replace the Rhino."

The Rhino's wound became infected again.

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