Evel Knievel

the CSB is gone on a nine day junket set up by one of the manufacturers, with the guy she met on Myspace five weeks ago who wants to marry her. It's Star's day off, and the parking lot has been plowed, so the snow is piled up around the Lazy K sign. The Lazy K sign is two 30 foot tall pillars set in a concrete box about three feet high. There is a gap of about 4 feet between the pillars.

The technicians and parts guys are bored, because nobody is coming in to buy stuff and the public at large is not bringing their bikes in to be serviced, so they are looking for something to do. Interdepartmental dog toy fights have become passe.

Snow begins to fall again.

All at once the parking lot is a blur of action and noise as the service technicians take turns racing a couple of customer owned quads in circles around the store, sliding sideways in the snow and in general having a good time.

The parts counter empties as the parts guys bundle up and run out for their turns on the quads.

Soon one of the guys from service goes back into the storage room and comes out with a 4x8 sheet of plywood. He builds a ramp and they began jumping the quads between the pillars of the Lazy K sign.

Star makes an unexpected appearance. Even though it is his day off, Star has no life, so he decides to wander by and see if Baby Hitler is up for a few games of Grand Theft Auto on the company bigscreen.

The employees begin to worry as Star takes it all in, then goes into the building.

"Are we going to get fired?" one asks.

The answer is no. For Star and Baby Hitler soon come racing out the side door on brand new Yamaha Raptor 700s. And man can those things jump.

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