Slip and Fall

A woman's fall in a puddle of dog urine has resulted in a lawsuit against the Lazy K.
June Beaver slipped in the urine at the Lazy K on April 2, 2006, according to the lawsuit, filed by Beaver and her husband, Ward, in Chaos County District Court earlier this month.
Beaver claims that she was seriously injured in the fall.
The lawsuit alleges that the Lazy K's negligence led to Beaver's fall, but it does not specifically say how the store was negligent.
The Homeless Guy, a Lazy K spokesman, decline comment saying he hadn't seen the lawsuit.The lawsuit claims that Beaver suffered serious neck and upper back injuries in the fall and has undergone several surgeries and is unable to work.


Freddy Fife is Gay said...

I'm wondering if the substance wasn't man goo? Perhaps seeping from storage where it had been deposited?

Anonymous said...

per the Better Business Bureau

-Ohio Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Section at 614-466-8831 or 800-282-0515.

- Franklin County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Clerk of Courts at 614-462-3621 concerning case 06CVH-5-6442.