Finger Tight

Famous Nobody, the Dragracing Snitch nobody has ever heard of, is back in service, and things are going astray.

A guy brought in his Honda CBR600RR for the first service.

Famous Nobody did the work, and when the guy took it home, he noticed it was leaking oil.

He called the Lazy K, and was told to bring it back in.

On the ride back to the Lazy K, the drainplug fell out and dumped all the oil on the road. The bike got a little wobbly when the oil hit the rear tire and he could have been really really fucked. That's what happens when an envious little fuck who has nothing to show for his life except things his mother bought him takes out his hostilities on the customers.

When he called the Lazy K from the side of the road, the Service Writer asked the customer why he was riding the bike and not trailering it in. They gave him shit for riding his bike after Famous Nobody finger tightened the drain plug and decided that was good enough and it might be funny to see what happens when it backs out. They didn't offer to pick it up after fucking it up.

It's just a matter of time before another huge negligence case happens at the Lazy K. How many more million dollar lawsuits can they afford?


Anonymous said...

from the looks of things famous nobody hasn't pissed the right biker off yet. Keep it up famous nobody, you are just smarter than the rest of us!
Oh by the way, hell of a blog. I love it.It keeps me entertained!

Anonymous said...

The new store on morse has real techs and you can watch your bike get worked on,relax in a lounge with free refreshments...its the shit about time a real shop came to town!!!!

Anonymous said...

all ASK stores are shit ran by inbred fucks from lancaster, and managed by ex cons who could not get a job sucking cocks

doug said...

So, how do you REALLY feel about the Lazy K? Haha

Anonymous said...

any ex-cons that would like to assist in seeing the Lazy K go down? contact Melissa Wright at 800-282-0515

Anonymous said...

I have worked at several of the local area motorcycle shops (including the lazy k for a brief monent) over the last 10 years and I have to say the only real motorcycle shop is the one on the NORTHWEST side of town in Hilliard. The nice new clean one on Morse Rd is a joke. They fuck you just as bad as the lazy k, but they are trained how to do it nicely so you don't realize you're getting screwed. And all this shit really does happen at the lazy k!!

Anonymous said...

That's bullshit I got the best deal in town on Morse Rd.They even have a $200 dollar guarntee on price..Northwest is way better than the Lazyk but my vote is for the other store.The only good thing about Northwest is that silly fucker Daffy...What up Ninji!!!

Anonymous said...

per the Better Business Bureau

-Ohio Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Section at 614-466-8831 or 800-282-0515.

- Franklin County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Clerk of Courts at 614-462-3621 concerning case 06CVH-5-6442.

6/22/2007 9:14 PM

Anonymous said...

did you know that there is a thing called an IP address. And there are laws like slander and defremation of character. you have made it clear who these peoples identities are in several different ways. you have no proof of alot of their actions only hear say. pretty sad to think that you could be more creative than this. and that you might more to do with your time. maybe you should focus on your self and stop exploiting these people. some of then do have families and you are putting them at risk.